Brazoria County, Texas
Float Plan - Help take the search out of the rescue! 
                    Please file a float plan before you leave the dock.


Complete this page, print a copy, and leave the copy with a reliable person who can be depended upon to notify the US Coast Guard should you not return as scheduled. If you do not have someone to leave it with, please feel free to press submit and this information will be sent via email to the Gulf Coast Emergency Rescue Squad and will be made available to the US Coast Guard on an as needed basis. 

NOTE: The CONFIDENTIAL information in this plan is temporarily stored if sent via email and will be used only for search and rescue activities.

Name of Person Filing Plan:
Phone Number:
Name of Vessel:
Description of Vessel:
Vessel Registration Number (TX Number)::
Launch Location::
Towing Vehicle Description:
Towing Vehicle License Plate::
Persons On Board Vessel::
Vessel Destination or Destinations::
  VHF Radio On Board?
  GPS On Board?
Digital Selective Calling MMSI Number::
Departure Date:
Departure Time:
Expected Date of Return:
Expected Time of Return:
Overdue Date:
Overdue Time:
Overdue Contact Information:
  Member Boat/US?
  Member SeaTow?